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ROTH Media
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ROTH Media – a high risk investment that keeps on giving

When you hear the name ROTH Media, it is synonymous with class, tenacity and passion, but it would be nothing without its founder, the serial entrepreneur, Rorisang. Rori is a planner who sees years in advance and makes moves towards her end goals, she invests in her business but also herself and her team. She values not only her shareholders, but all stakeholders including her customers and it shows in the results. She went from being a one woman band who invested all she had, to having a team, partners, and 5 years later, they are only growing bigger and better, and soon their name will be as famous as any other international creative agency’s.


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Show Notes:

Rori always knew she was going to be an entrepreneur and her mom nurtured that in her.
She used her time in the corporate world to learn.
Before her corporate stint, she tried two previous businesses that she says, failed spectacularly.
During her time in a corporate, she chose to concentrate on learning as much as she could and did not do any side hustles.
Her majors in varsity, psychology and communication, really got her interested in the branding and advertising space.
Rorisang has always known what her strengths and weaknesses are, and to counter the weaknesses, she surround herself with mentors, coaches and partners to compliment her work style and ethic.
Networks were key for getting her business started but also for that support when things got a little lonely or tough.
Rori, self-funded her dream, and so to ensure that she was lean, she started Project Red – to get herself out of debt before she could take that high risk leap.
Rori found it important to plan the finances not only for getting out of debt and being lean, but also to ensure she was paid well – entrepreneurship was just about writing her own pay check and not about changing her lifestyle.
Rorisang found out the hard way that starting a business with a friend, is not always the best way. It just the importance of talking through the whole business and your visions before jumping in together.
How you build and champion your team can be the difference between failure and success.
When you enter a market with establish players, your attitude is key. Will you panic about how will you succeed or will you collaborate?
Putting themselves in the place of their consumers helps their creative process.

Significant quotes:

“I am already am in love with the end game. The end game is that we trying to capture consumer hearts and minds, and we’re truing to appeal to people in a really cool way.”
“It felt like suddenly there was a net. So it wasn’t quite this reckless leap that you think it will be.”
“I was championed every step of my journey.”
“It was all high risk with me. I totalled my pension fund.”
“It became a big thing for me to almost build the same package for myself as an individual that a corporate used to have for me.”
“I had partnered initially with my best friend, and it was a detrimental decision, terrible for our friendship.”
“I think I lacked the confidence to go about it alone at first and hence I wanted to feel like I had a partner, and someone is there to carry the load with. But the reality is that your visions have to align.”
“You do not have a business if all this IP lives just in your head. A business is a collective of people who share the same vision, the same mission and are happy to work and to graft to bring that vision to life.”
“We have behaved like fans of consumers.”

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Charlotte, or Charlie as she likes her friends to call her, is what you would call a multipotentialite or a jack of all trades if you must. She been an auditor, an English teacher, a consultant, an executive assistant and product manager. She loves to read, watch shows, learn, tries to exercise, eats a lot, travels and tries out new things.

Entrepreneurship excites her not only because of its capability to bring joy (read freedom) to entrepreneurs, but also because it can vastly improve a country or continent for the better.

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