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S1 E13 BeSpecular – through the world’s eyes


BeSpecular was spurned from the minds of 5 smart founders who had made it into the popular Stanford Tech Entrepreneurship course. What started out as a neat concept, soon became an end goal and is now a budding company. Stephanie Cowper and Giacomo are passionate about bridging the gap between the sighted and visually impaired,…

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S1 E12 Hey Carter – the future of new car buying

Hey Carter

Hey, we’re Carter! Hey Carter is an app that makes the new car purchasing process a breeze. Amit, Tom and Vikash met at a management consulting firm and quickly hit it off. They then moved on to be executive employees of a startup and did phenomenally well there before deciding that they wanted to branch…

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S1 E11 Imbo Creations – Proudly Sowetan

Imbo Creations

Imbo Creations – Timeless, bespoke leather pieces Imbo Creations was started in 1975 as a means for Mbali’s mom to earn a bit of extra income, but also to keep her love for creating beautiful, timeless pieces for friends and family. However, it was only when Mbali, decided to quit the corporate life and join Imbo full…

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S1 E10 HouseMe – a first of its kind rental platform


HouseMe – creating real value for tenants and landlords in residential rental   The rental industry hasn’t changed how it vets tenants and verifies landlords in decades, from the pricing of units to charging fees to landlords and its archaic means of vetting; the customers of the renting industry, both tenants and landlords, are not getting real…

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