Charlie Luzuka – Story Teller

I've started one business and it failed - mainly because I underestimated how hard it is to start a business and how much motivation you need to keep it going.

I then found inspiration in podcasts that I listened to about entrepreneurs in the U.S. But I wanted to know, where were all the podcasts about African entrepreneurs? I found books, radio interviews and events but no podcasts - well a few, but none that gave me what I was looking for.

What was I looking for? Stories. Stories from people that I could relate to. Stories that related to how a person became an entrepreneur, what made them take the leap, what kept them up at night and what kept them going.

So, I decided to start my own podcast. Its a journey, because I am learning so much, from how to design a website, record and edit audio, and publish them to podcast catchers, to the struggles, pitfalls and joys of being an entrepreneur.

I hope you join me on this journey towards building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem on this beautiful continent.

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What is the Hustle Flow podcast?


Welcome to The Hustle Flow website. The Hustle Flow is a podcast about every day African entrepreneurs. Every day you may ask? Well every day entrepreneurs are people who wake up every day and get to work, they hustle, cry, shout, laugh but never give up. Why African? Well, I live here for one and we need more platforms to showcase the amazing things that people do on this continent.

So, hustle = work and flow = journey. I hope to take you on a journey of lessons and stories about some pretty amazing people throughout this amazing space of entrepreneurship.

The Hustle Flow will be launching soon, and will take on the format of seasons. Seasons? Yes, seasons like Game of Thrones or The Good Wife, the Hustle Flow will have breaks between seasons (don't' worry, nothing like the Game of Thrones type breaks - just time to record and edit and bring you some exciting content).

Season 1: Beginnings. Beginnings relates to the start of this show. The people I have interview range from newly started to veterans, but we discuss how they got into their space and they are people you may not have heard of yet - kicking off the platform for everyday entrepreneurs in the initiation of something phenomenal 🙂

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