The ugly, scary side of entrepreneurship

Fraud and entrepreneurs

Fraud and entrepreneurs Whenever you read about an entrepreneur’s journey, you hear about the joys and the struggles but that ultimately it is all worth it. And whilst the struggles range from having clients not pay you on time to having a business fail, there is a darker side of being an entrepreneur that isn’t…

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To scrum or not to scrum? To succeed or to fail?


Scrum – halving your work and gaining more value How many of you have heard of Scrum? No, not the rugby scrum but yes that’s where they got the name from. I’m talking about the agile product development process, scrum. So, I’m reading the book, Scrum: The Art of doing twice the work in half the…

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Secha Capital – patient funding for African entrepreneurs


Funding and management It’s no breaking news that funding is a key element in the success of any business. Whether it is self-funded (read bootstrapped) or funded through friends, family and fools. Banks (loans) or investors (venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity, IPO). Even less of a surprising reveal, is that there are plenty of…

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Launching soon!


Welcome to the Hustle Flow! We haven’t quite launched yet, but watch this space, we will be launching soon!   Until then, please subscribe to the Weekly Hustle, follow us on social media and once we launch you can subscribe to our podcast too 🙂

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