Streamer – a collection of amazing things in Africa


Streamer – a collection of amazing things made and sold in Africa

Streamer? Strange word. I found it when I was trying to find a cool sounding way to say list. So what does it mean? Well, according to, it means: something that streams, or a long flowing ribbon.

I love finding new things on the interwebs, but every time I want to buy or use it, its either unavailable or delivery costs more than the item.

So, I thought, where can I find a list of things that are easily found in Africa and are made by Africans?

I couldn’t find one, so I’m making one. And so I called it Streamer, a space where you can find things that you will love proudly made in Africa.

I chose the word Streamer because I want it to be the string that connects people throughout this continent, be it users, producers, consumers, partners etc. And I like that it flows, like The Hustle Flow 😀

Things that can be found here will include, but won’t be limited to, content, products, services, people and events. Really, what Streamer is, is a space for you to find just about anything amazing that we come across and love and that we know you will love too.

So join us in curating African things. You can also submit your things. But most importantly let’s support local creators, entrepreneurs and economies. By helping each other, we can build a more collaborative and inclusive community.

So if you have a business or product that you’d like to showcase? Or if you know of something that you love and needs more airtime? Or if you just want to find new things? Streamer is that.

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About the author, Charlotte

Charlotte, or Charlie as she likes her friends to call her, is what you would call a multipotentialite or a jack of all trades if you must. She been an auditor, an English teacher, a consultant, an executive assistant and product manager. She loves to read, watch shows, learn, tries to exercise, eats a lot, travels and tries out new things.

Entrepreneurship excites her not only because of its capability to bring joy (read freedom) to entrepreneurs, but also because it can vastly improve a country or continent for the better.

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