S1 E 15 Imafin – a strategic partner holding its own with Financial giants

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Imafin – simplifying payments

Thabo Mongoma started Imafin because he knew he couldn’t be an employee forever. He knew that there was a gap in the payments space that he and his partner could bridge. What he never expected was that it would have such a positive impact on his personal life, growing him spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

Imafin team

Show Notes:

Thabo tells us more about himself. [0:50]
Thabo talks about the impact that entrepreneurship has on your social life [05:10]
Thabo then tells us how they came about the name Imafin, and gives some insight into choosing a name for your company. [06:15]
Imafin helps banks to streamline their payments, offers advisory and does some pretty interesting stuff in the mobile and card space for banks. [08:00]
Thabo explains how collaborating with established, big name brands helps to give your business credibility. [12:06]
Thabo explains how he knew it was time to quit his day job and go full time into entrepreneurship. [14:06]
He planned it, despite knowing that he couldn’t wait until he had sufficient reserves saved up, such as offering advisory services to fund the business. [14:48]
Thabo further confirms that relationships are key to the success of your business, but not on its own. [17:05]
Sometimes giving advice for free to big brands, can work in your advantage as you will get their name on your portfolio. [18:52]
Know your skill set and outsource the rest. [22:20]
Positioning yourself as a strategic partner and not an enterprise development, goes a long way for perceptions about your skills. [24:00]
Thabo talks about some of the lessons he learnt working in the SADC region. [25:33]
When being an entrepreneur, travel is seen as an expense rather than as a perk [27:06]
They have mixed team of a permanent sales team and contracted consultants. [28:13]
Long sale cycles require a certain mettle. [30:53]
Thabo goes through how they identify the right personality for their sales team. [32:20]
Thabo explains what entrepreneurship gave him versus being an employee. [35:43]
Through this journey, it has brought Thabo closer to his religion. [37:30]
Thabo has also learnt what some of his weaknesses are, now that they are not hidden through team structures in corporate. [38:47]
Thabo has gotten used to challenges, so now they are business as usual. [42:12]

Significant quotes:

“My mind was very clear, I can’t serve two masters.” 14:04
“Advisory services don’t need startup capital, because its IP.” 15:09
“We had to sweat those relationships quite a lot.” 17:51
“Once you have a blue-chip firm like Shell on your books, then it works to your advantage.” 18:10
“They see us as a key element within their value chain.” 23:30
“You’ll find a crack in the wall, or you’ll find a gem.” 32:40
“You’ll find that resilient people have amazing stories to share.” 33:07
“By running this firm, I learnt more about myself.” 35:44
“But being by yourself, I guess you have a very, very long rope with which to hang yourself. And with that you get to test and learn more about what makes you you.” 36:06

Websites Mentioned:

Imafin website

Companies mentioned

Diner’s Club International
Steward Bank
Standard Bank
Finmark Trust

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