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S1 E6 Tanchi – building a business from a cell phone

Tanchi Consulting

Tanchi Consulting – tenacity, skills, support and success When Chiedza started her business, she had a plan in her head and a cell phone. With that, she called on her friends, family and mentors to help out wherever they could and she began Tanchi, a financial management consulting firm. Three years later, she is still…

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S1 E5 1BillionAfrica – consciously leading for change


1 Billion Africans solving 1 billion problems Growing up in Ghana, Prince used to keep himself busy by imaging a variety of scenarios where he saved the day like the comic book heroes. Sadly, his joy was short lived when he was struck by the reality of what he saw in his community. As he…

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S1 E4 GrowthShoot – inclusive agriculture


GrowthShoot – growing tomorrow’s food today When Nono’s father finally managed to convince her to leave the banking space in Johannesburg, and join him in running their family farm in Senekal in the Free State, she had no idea how she would end up falling in love with the space. She now actively works towards…

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S1 E2 Design, with it there are no limits


Charly Makwanya uses design to help change perceptions about and within Africa When Charly was growing up in a ghetto in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, he wanted more than anything to bring change to his community. This change was usually seen in the form of being a professional like a doctor or a lawyer, but he wanted…

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