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S1 E9 Stokfella – bringing Stokvels into the digital age


Stokfella – helping ordinary people become financially free Tshepo, is a serial entrepreneur who wants to build an organisation that will have a positive impact on his community. Stokfella is just that type of company. When he first joined a Stokvel, he was frustrated by the pains of managing it like a full time job…

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S1 E8 ROTH Media – in love with the end game

ROTH Media

ROTH Media – a high risk investment that keeps on giving When you hear the name ROTH Media, it is synonymous with class, tenacity and passion, but it would be nothing without its founder, the serial entrepreneur, Rorisang. Rori is a planner who sees years in advance and makes moves towards her end goals, she…

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S1 E6 Tanchi – building a business from a cell phone

Tanchi Consulting

Tanchi Consulting – tenacity, skills, support and success When Chiedza started her business, she had a plan in her head and a cell phone. With that, she called on her friends, family and mentors to help out wherever they could and she began Tanchi, a financial management consulting firm. Three years later, she is still…

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