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3 minute hustle – S2 E2 Social Investment and Trade Club – Sitting on gold

3 minute hustle

The 3 minute hustle, is a bite size summary of the hustle flow episodes. Giving you 3 insights learnt from each person interviewed around entrepreneurship in Africa. So, if you don’t have an hour to spare or just want a quick refresher of past episodes, have a listen. These are some insights learnt from the hustle…

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S2 E2 Social Investment and Trade Club – Sitting on gold

SIT club

SIT Club – we’re sitting on gold but we’re playing with toys When Lazola Belle and his 5 co-founders began thinking about earning some passive income, they never realised how much they would learn about money, investments and the psychology of it all. They started a social and investment club over 3 years ago with…

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S1 E9 Stokfella – bringing Stokvels into the digital age


Stokfella – helping ordinary people become financially free Tshepo, is a serial entrepreneur who wants to build an organisation that will have a positive impact on his community. Stokfella is just that type of company. When he first joined a Stokvel, he was frustrated by the pains of managing it like a full time job…

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