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3 minute hustle E3 Obulunji – Embracing your natural beauty

3 minute hustle

3 minute hustle – lessons learnt from Pinky Isabirye The 3 minute hustle, is a bite size summary of the hustle flow episodes. Giving you 3 insights learnt from each person interviewed around entrepreneurship in Africa. So, if you don’t have an hour to spare or just want a quick refresher of past episodes, have a…

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S1 E3 Obulunji – Embracing your natural beauty

Natural beauty

In recent times, black women all over the world have begun to re-embrace their natural beauty in all its curls and glory. However, as big as the movement is now, it wasn’t always as accessible. The advice sought would suggest products found with relative ease in the US and UK, but in South Africa, it…

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