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S2 E1 Conte – Creating an interactive creative portfolio


Conte a creative design agency and an interactive gallery for artists Charmaine and Amanda, are creatives who are determined to fulfill their dreams. From the very beginning, their passion has driven them to overcome a myriad of obstacles to bring a platform for creatives throughout the continent who have faced or are facing obstacles to…

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S1 E11 Imbo Creations – Proudly Sowetan

Imbo Creations

Imbo Creations – Timeless, bespoke leather pieces Imbo Creations was started in 1975 as a means for Mbali’s mom to earn a bit of extra income, but also to keep her love for creating beautiful, timeless pieces for friends and family. However, it was only when Mbali, decided to quit the corporate life and join Imbo full…

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