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3 minute hustle E8 ROTH Media – in love with the end game

3 minute hustle

The 3 minute hustle, is a bite size summary of the hustle flow episodes. Giving you 3 insights learnt from each person interviewed around entrepreneurship in Africa. So, if you don’t have an hour to spare or just want a quick refresher of past episodes, have a listen. These are some insights learnt from the hustle…

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S1 E8 ROTH Media – in love with the end game

ROTH Media

ROTH Media – a high risk investment that keeps on giving When you hear the name ROTH Media, it is synonymous with class, tenacity and passion, but it would be nothing without its founder, the serial entrepreneur, Rorisang. Rori is a planner who sees years in advance and makes moves towards her end goals, she…

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