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Tanchi Consulting
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Tanchi Consulting – tenacity, skills, support and success

When Chiedza started her business, she had a plan in her head and a cell phone. With that, she called on her friends, family and mentors to help out wherever they could and she began Tanchi, a financial management consulting firm. Three years later, she is still going, is in a better position that she initially realised but not quite where she wants to be – yet. After years of grinding and worrying, she can finally see the light and it was all worth it.

Tanchi Chiedza

Show Notes:

Chiedza gives us some background on who she is and how she came to start Tanchi with nothing more than her cellphone.
She talks about how she deals with the ups and downs of running a business.
Having an entrepreneurial mother helped to instil the entrepreneurial spirit in her, which keeps her going.
Being a Zimbabwean working in South Africa, she talks about what its like starting a business there; and why she chose to start her business in South Africa instead of Zimbabwe.
The origin of the name Tanchi is quite creative.
Chiedza didn’t start Tanchi with buckets of money, in fact she was dead broke when she started it and worked her way up to where it is now, generating revenue.
The one thing that keeps her up at night, is the same thing that kept her up at night when she started but she’s learnt to cope a bit better after 3 years.
Having a partner has also helped to lessen the burden.
Adding a partner after going it alone after so long can bring in some complexities around ownership.
However bringing one on, not only gave her much needed support but helped her see how much she had grown over the past 3 years.
Believe it or not, but Chiedza actually wanted to get into Fashion initially, and while she has taken a bit of a detour, she is working her way back towards her first love.
Even though accounting is not such a sexy career, it is still a business that can teach you a lot about running a successful business.


Significant quotes:

“My phone had all the answers.”
“When you’ve got money at your disposal, it makes you complacent.”
“When you’ve only got your wits to go by, you work so much harder.”
“No, there was nothing easy at all.”
“It takes three to six months for a lead to convert.”
“Very rarely does business come from out of the blue.”


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About the author, Charlotte

Charlotte, or Charlie as she likes her friends to call her, is what you would call a multipotentialite or a jack of all trades if you must. She been an auditor, an English teacher, a consultant, an executive assistant and product manager. She loves to read, watch shows, learn, tries to exercise, eats a lot, travels and tries out new things.

Entrepreneurship excites her not only because of its capability to bring joy (read freedom) to entrepreneurs, but also because it can vastly improve a country or continent for the better.

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